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Kind words from some of our fans...

Brian Sytsma was the Superintendent of construction on our home approximately 12 years ago, at 10069 Lake Dr. Mecosta, MI.

Of the four new homes that we have hired built, the home that Brian supervised and built was by far superior in anything we have ever seen. We found that Brian is a great communicator. He and his crew paid close attention to every detail of design and quality. He was on the job himself making sure his talented workers followed all specifications in a timely manner.

We highly recommend anyone building or remodeling to contract with Brian.
— Mr. & Mrs. Darroll Z. Howard
We built our home about 7 years ago. This was our first experience building, and it would have been very overwhelming if we had not worked with Sytsma Construction. Brian was very professional and really knew what he was doing! He walked us through every step and gave us a lot of tips and helpful advice along the way. He had a lot of creative ideas, which we incorporated into our home, resulting in some very unique features!

The end product was our beautiful home, which we enjoy very much. And the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship didn’t end when we moved in. Brian has checked in with us periodically and has taken care of a couple small things that showed up 3 years down the road! Now, that’s the kind of customer service we really love!!

Thanks, Brian!! If we ever build again, we will call you!!
— Steve and LeAnn
When my husband and I first met Brian, we were frustrated and disappointed after meeting with builders and architects who told us we simply couldn’t build a house near Lake Michigan that was within our budget. Brian took the time to drive from Grand Rapids to our house in Rochester to explain his building philosophy. He assured us he could produce a vacation home within our budget while still maintaining a high quality of workmanship.

Brian and his staff were able to make the building process easy, and above all, FUN! We now have a beautiful lakeside home! It has been a pleasure working with Sytsma Construction and we hope to continue to work with Brian on future projects.
— Gene and Michelle McQuaid
Last year I had Sytsma Construction remodel my kitchen and bathroom in my condo. I am so very pleased with both rooms. Brian had well thought out plans with many good suggestions. The work his team did is exceptional. The crew was courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Sytsma Construction.
— Barbara, Spring Lake, Mi.
It has been approximately eight years since we bought our dream home on Lake Michigan at 3363 Scenic Dr, North Muskegon-Whitehall. A hardware executive built the home in 1948 and any upgrades would be a challenge.

My wife and I decided that changes needed to be made. She wanted a sunroom so bad, but to add one, we needed someone with experience to deal with Fruitland Township. Any additions nearer the bluff on Lake Michigan are very rare.

I don’t know how we found Brian. I think someone recommended him, or my wife saw builders sign a mile or two down the road and decided to investigate. Enough history. I know nothing myself about building.

What makes Brian special? He gave us choices as to what we wanted and the differences in cost. Dealing with builders, nothing is anybody’s fault ever! Brian has a way of convincing Mr. Builder that some things are his fault. That is where the name sub-contractor comes from. If you plan on building, you better have a Brian on your side. Lastly, the quality of workmanship was impeccable and I don’t even know anything about it. We have been told so many times, how beautiful his work is, and his ideas are not only smart but also unique.

I could spend all day talking about the work Brian and his crew did, but all you need to do is visit my wife and I on Scenic Drive, in North Muskegon, and we will show you what we think is special about the home improvement Brian did. Coffee and muffins are included.
— Denny and Virgi Lyons
This was our first, and hopefully our last, time building a new home. Not because it was an awful experience, just the opposite. We love our home so much that we don’t want to live anywhere else. We wouldn’t change a thing.

When looking for a builder, Brian was the only one who showed us homes that he was building currently as well as homes he had built previously. We were blown away at the detail and unique extras he puts into each of his homes and the fact that he had such a good relationship with his former clients. Brian also had compassion for our son and his special needs relating to his physical handicap. Brian thought through every detail, so
we can now care for our son with ease. He listened to our needs and used his creativity to make them all happen.

Wendy was extremely helpful when it came to decorating. Either we have very similar taste or she was good at reading my decorating style! She helped narrow down selections so I wasn’t overwhelmed and was very flexible about working with my schedule. She recommended things that I hadn’t considered and they ended up being some of the things that I love most about the house.

Our home took a year to build and Brian met the final agreed upon schedule to the day. This was important to us and is something that we realize is not easy to do. We are extremely pleased with our new home and are so grateful for all that an and Wendy did to make it happen. We highly recommend them!
— Cheryl and Austin Noll